My-T-Touch® Touchscreen Keyboard Software

My-T-Touch® provides a natural, intuitive extension to the touchscreen interface.
It is a low level Windows keyboard interface which provides a powerful, secure, and reliable touchscreen keyboard emulation that works with ANY Windows application or development environment. Designed for use on touch based systems.

Supports Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2k / Embedded (for Windows 8, see My-T-Soft®)
Version match to My-T-Soft® and My-T-Pen® On-screen Keyboard
Workstation / Network Logon and More Integration Options
200+ US & Int'l touchscreen keyboard layouts provide worldwide coverage
or import custom layouts created with IMG's Build-A-Board Designer Tool.
New configurable location options for users - private or shared
Developer Kit add-ons - options to integrate DLLs, Logging capabilities
Configuration saving options - after move, after change, at close, at end of session
Numerous customer requested enhancements & updates

Whether you call us My-T-Mouse, My-T-Pen, My-T-Soft, My-T-Touch, or OnScreen, our utilities are considered The Standard in On-screen Keyboard Utilities by Automation, Forklift Terminal, Handheld, Industrial, In-Vehicle, Kiosk, Medical, Military, Mobile, Pen, Rugged, Tablet, Touchscreen, and Voting system manufacturers and users worldwide.