My-T-Soft's Build-A-Board System gives OEM's, VAR's, and End Users the ability to seamlessly move existing applications and processes from old legacy systems to more adaptable handheld, rugged, tablet, or industrial pc's with a set of secure, programmable on screen keyboard or virtual input panels.

The Build-A-Board virtual keyboard Designer Tool and its unique cross-platform on-screen keyboard run-times (Windows, Windows CE, Android, Linux, Mac & more), have enabled industries to replace a physical keyboard or membrane with a touch screen keyboard, allowing legacy applications to be moved into the touchscreen age.

Companies recognizing the Build-A-Board on-screen keyboard advantage are in Manufacturing and Distribution, such as Pharmaceutical and Food production, as well as Healthcare, Utilities, Field Service, Logistics, Medical, Mining, Military, Public Safety, Transportation, Warehouse operations, Voting, Government, and Educational institutions, where an on-screen keyboard or virtual input panel is the ideal choice for any touchscreen based user interface.

•  Kiosk / Mobile / Rugged / Tablet / Touchscreen / Wearable / Whiteboard
•  Automation / HMI / MMI / SCADA / HVAC / AIDC / Process Control
•  911 Emergency Response & Public Safety Systems
•  Transportation / Logistics / Warehousing
•  Food Processing / Manufacturing / Distribution / Routing
•  Pharmaceutical & Laboratory Systems / R & D
•  Medical Manufacturing / Healthcare / Institutional
•  InVehicle / Marine / GIS / Field Service / Route Accounting
•  Instrumentation & Test and Measurement
•  Oil, Gas, Mining, Communication Utilities
•  Financial & Stock Exchange / Voting
•  Military Air, Ground, Land, and Sea Systems
•  Accessibility & Low Vision / Computer Access
•  Innovative / Applied Technologies
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