My-T-Soft® CE - Windows CE On-screen Keyboard

My-T-Soft® CE is the premium on-screen keyboard utility for Windows CE, .NET & SIP projects! Originally released as a component of IMG's My-T-Soft® Build-A-Board System for OEMs, VARs, and large corporate clients, the demand led us to release a version of My-T-Soft CE® as a stand alone product. Clients can choose from thousands of Build-A-Board Templates or create their own custom on-screen keypads or software input panels, then drop them into their CE (Embedded, .NET or SIP) project.

IMGs Build-A-Board On-screen Keyboard Designer provides a comprehensive environment for creating, modifying, and managing any keypad, panel, or keyboard on-screen for the user interface, which can be used in the My-T-Soft® Family (My-T-Pen®, My-T-Touch®, My-T-Soft® Terminal Server, OnScreen, and the original on-screen keyboard for Windows, My-T-Mouse®), or it can generate it's own run-time on-screen keyboard targets for Windows CE thru 8.1, Linux & Mac (Android in beta).

Do It Yourself or have IMG Build and Integrate It For You! The ultimate goal for IMGs My-T-Soft® Build-A-Board Family is to provide complete cross-platform support so that clients can develop their user interface at the lowest level of the operating system and deliver it across multiple platforms, while maintaining visual and functional consistency.